Iris Benrubi - Counselor & Psychotherapist located in Toronto Ontario Canada
Iris Benrubi - Counselor & Psychotherapist located in Toronto Ontario Canada
Iris Benrubi - Counselor & Psychotherapist located in Toronto Ontario Canada
Iris Benrubi - Counselor & Psychotherapist located in Toronto Ontario Canada Iris Benrubi - Counselor & Psychotherapist located in Toronto Ontario Canada
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Go see a shrink, talk to a therapist – are you for real? I think we all question are we sane or are we crazy and then when a Doctor or friend suggests that we “speak to someone” the feeling is ominous – maybe we are crazy! Truth is we are not crazy we are just trying to manage through life. The twists and turns are sometimes overwhelming and having an objective, unbiased, non-judging third party can provide welcome relief.

I was always a little spooked about “speaking to someone” but truth is, it works. A coach, a trained “life” coach doesn’t have all the answers but they are a sounding board for our inner, often unexplored thoughts and feelings and they “train” us to listen and understand these thoughts and emotions.

I have “spoken” to a few people in the past but none with a commitment to continue –
until I met Iris. There is truly something unique about Iris, perhaps it is her own life experiences, her life coaching training or simply her unique wisdom. We were introduced at a time when I was skeptical about “speaking to someone” and now my skepticism is completely gone. More than anything my skepticism is gone because Iris listens with firm compassion and trains me to listen to myself and to trust my feelings. I never expected to travel down the road that I am currently on but to have a coach to talk to as I go through uncharted territory is comforting. I would recommend Iris unequivocally – when you need to “speak to someone” because we all need to “speak to someone”.

Nicole Gallucci – President

Iris Benrubi is my Personal Success coach and she has given me great guidance for my personal situations. She has helped me start a new chapter in my life and close the old ones. This has allowed me to move forward using different exercises. I’ve looked at different parts of my life that I was ignoring in the past. I am now dealing with these issues on a daily basis. She has taught me how to review my choices and how to choose the right way of life for myself and my family. It is great to be able to sit down and talk with someone who has such a positive motivation and such expertise in helping people.

Thank you! Mike Reddam - Vice President LineLINK Canada Corp.

I have been seeing Iris for coaching for the past year. She has helped me take a fresh look at how I deal and cope with my family, business, relationships and more. I have learned new strategies for parenting my three teenagers that actually work. I am moving forward now with Iris' guidance and skills in figuring out what I want from my life. Thank you Iris for your guidance and your unique ability to see the things that I cannot see.

S.F. – Personal Trainer

Iris has been instrumental in helping me get my life back on track. She has guided me to define my vision for my life and supported me while I took action to make it come true. Her patience, support and clear vision have made her invaluable as a coach.

N.P. – Interior Designer

Iris Benrubi took me from a state of unsure and doubt to a place of positivity before my attempt to run a personal best at the Athens marathon. Although I had spent the winter training with my running coach and doing all the workouts that he recommended, I was still unsure of my ability to run a successful 42.2 kilometers.

I spent several sessions with Iris before the race. Although I was attempting to run faster than I had ever run before I managed the best race of my life beating my previous best time by five minutes. The best part is that when I was on the starting line, I was sure of what I could do and how I was going to do it. I strongly recommend Iris as a coach no matter what your personal marathon may be.

Bruce Hogg – Boston Qualifier/Professional Photographer

In my experience with Iris as a coach, she has made me feel safe and has accepted me the way I am. Iris didn't give me the answers to my challenges but rather gave me the tools to find my own answers. She helped me polish the greatness in myself and for this I am grateful to her. Her knowledge, her support and her care have helped me overcome many obstacles and turn my life around. Most importantly, Iris has taught me and encouraged me to follow my dreams.

Karensa Staddon - Entrepreneur

Iris is an excellent parenting coach. She helped our family to move to
the next level. We are a family with one step parent and this can be a
challenging environment for parents and children. We had a lot of power
struggles and conflict. Iris taught the skills to stop the conflict and
start to focus on treating each other with respect. We are not problem
free as a family but Iris taught us the skills to begin to deal with our
problems. Thank you Iris for all of your assistance.

Thank you, Debbie – Chief Operations Manager

I have known and used Iris as a coach since April of 2004. It was my first experience of personal coaching. Previous to that, I had participated in counseling and other self-development programs. What I am most grateful for is Iris’ coaching and what distinguishes it from my other ‘self-development’ work is that it was all about me. In my experience, Iris is a true coach and listens very deeply to what is really going on and then asks questions to help direct YOU to uncover YOUR OWN solutions. This is very different, in my experience, from a counselor or therapist who may be an expert in an area with their OWN agenda for your healing. What I get out of every coaching session with Iris is my own power. Power to solve my own problems and uncover my own strengths. And I am so grateful to Iris for the difference that I have made in my life with her coaching. Thank you, Iris!

Jane Sorsdahl –Entrepreneur/mother of 2

As a personal success coach, Iris is determined and committed to achieve maximum potential in personal growth and self development. Her clear vision and understanding to human nature has empowered people and gave them the tools not only to survive this tough life, but to excel and reach higher levels of personal success and self satisfaction. Empowering people is a gift which Iris chooses to share with others for better being!

H. Maurice – President/Entrepreneur

I have had the opportunity to personally coach and mentor Iris Benrubi. She is a dedicated entrepreneur. Iris can definitely assist you to let go of what does not serve you and to live in your power. You deserve to hire Iris as a key note speaker or as your personal success Coach!

Jeffery Combs - Golden Mastermind Seminars, Inc.

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